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Media Assets

    If you are a retailer in the weapons, survival or outdoor-related industries and you manage an ecommerce platform, then it is critical that you understand the importance of properly curated and optimized media content. All too often we hear from retailers who have the perspective that they can simply scrape the descriptions and pictures from a manufacturer’s website and this is enough. If this is your thought process you could be no further from the truth. In fact, if this is what you are practicing then you are dooming your ecommerce element to failure from the outset.

    Google and other search engines HATE scraped content. What does this mean? If means that if they catch you scrapping then they will penalize your ranks in the search engines. Here is a direct link on this topic from the Google forum: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/2721312?hl=en

    Search engines want unique content and those who give them what they want will soon find that finding success in the search engines is quite easy.

    The problem with unique content, however, is its cost in production. Given that the vast majority of retailers are comparatively small in their operation this means they are constantly fighting the budget battle when it comes to proper content development and marketing.

    This is where WeaponSeeker can help. At WeaponSeeker we are developing an ongoing and growing library of curated media assets. With thousands of pieces already in our library it is very likely we already have what you need and better yet at a price, you can easily afford.

    In the event we do not have the curated content you are looking for we can develop it for you at an affordable rate.

    Media content in our library includes written product descriptions, pictures, video and even 360-degree rotations that can really help grab your buyer’s attention and encourage their purchase decision.

    In addition to the above types of media, we are also experimenting with new virtual technologies that help give the viewer the closest to real life perspective possible online.

    Our media assets are for members only, so join today and begin growing your brand right away.

    Contact us today for a free consultation.

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