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Easy enough if you have a compatible XML feed. Just sign up and send us the feed and we will get it included.
An XML feed is a listing of your inventory and details in XML code. Most ecommerce platforms either have this built in or it can easily be added. If you are unfamiliar with this technology and need help we are happy to do so. If you do not have an ecommerce platform yet or one that is compatible we can help develop a quick solution to get you started.
We offer month to month as well as ongoing subscriptions. Should you choose to subscribe the longer your subscription is the greater the discount.
No, whether you have just one item or thousands of items we can list them at a fair rate. Our goal is to help you grow.
Yes, as long as you have an ecommerce platform and a compatible XML feed. If you do not have a compatible system we offer solutions for this as well.
Yes, as long as you are a member of our network we can place a banner ad for you in the section of your choosing as long as it is related. We offer affordable rates and great exposure for all participating brands.
Our ecommerce platform is pre-built specifically for the weapons, survival and outdoors industries. These industries face unique challenges in their ecommerce solutions that other industries do not and that other platforms are not designed to handle. Because the foundation is pre-built this also means very little time before one is able to be up and running vs. having to take weeks just to figure things out and then months longer to get things customized and products listed and available online. We have already done all the heavy lifting so you can focus your efforts on marketing and sales and not on having to learn how to customize and code.
Yes. Additionally, since we are the experts in the system as part of the package we actually will take care of this for you. You just sit back and provide us the direction and specs and we will customize it to your needs in order to have the look and feel you want.
No. Terrorists, bullies and haters are not welcomed. Terrorists will have their information reported to the authorities for investigation. Bullies and haters will be banned. At WeaponSeeker we believe in free speech but it also must be respectable speech.
No. Retailers and manufacturers, however, receive FREE upgraded accounts that give them special access to extra privileges such as dealer exclusive auctions, the ability to post help-wanted job postings, certain unique advertising options. Resource providers such as clubs, gunsmiths, trainers, hunting organizations, etc. are provided a FREE upgraded account that gives them the ability to build an information page and to sell basic services such as training, lodging, and membership services without the complexity of having to develop their own ecommerce solutions.
Access to dealer exclusives, blogs, forums, events, our Enthusiast newsletter, the ability to make friends with other enthusiasts, opportunities to share pictures, videos and stories, political insights, legal insights and much more. It's like Facebook minus all the lib-speak, whiners, haters and trash. If you are a responsible individual and love guns, knives, survival and/or the outdoors and you believe in the 2nd Amendment you will feel a sense of community like you have never experienced before.
No. All firearm sales are handled by our retailers, as this helps ensure that all legal requirements are met and that only the most responsible individuals have access. Anyone caught trying to sell in the community will be banned for life.
Absolutely, as long as you are a member. Basic listings are FREE and advanced listings are available at a fair rate.
No problem just contact us and we will be happy to help.

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