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    Contructing a positive development and ongoing growth strategy is a challenging task for any retailer or manufacturer. Such a task is not once and done for those who wish to find success long term. As the saying goes “those who fail to plan, plan to fail” is very true and even more true for those in the weapons, survival and outdoor-related industries.

    If you are a member of these industries and you have done even a basic level of research you will know that it comes with unique challenges that most other industries do not face. For example, most media outlets and social network platforms are NOT FRIENDLY to those who wish to promote various types of weaponry and related gear.

    Also, you may have noticed that research in these markets is sparse and often times do not have clear concepts of how to use such data in terms of marketing and promotion.

    At WeaponSeeker one of our primary functions is to scour market data from various sources such as the NRA, NSSF, ATF, manufacturers, retailers, collectors, industry insiders, political insiders and our own social platform and compile such data in an easy to understand format. We then take this data and use it to analyze industry trends and provide our members with actionable steps they can easily implement to grow their sales, their brands, and their bottom line profits.

    Having data is great but data is like puzzle pieces, without understanding how the data relates and fits together it is impossible to see the big picture and thus results in lost opportunity. For example, if you sell firearms online then you know they must be shipped to a qualified FFL, yet if you do not have an integrated FFL finder that prepopulates the shipping address at checkout you are likely missing a huge opportunity due to user confusion and cart abandonment. For ecommerce, it is critical that you are providing your users with the friendliest checkout possible or they will abandon you in preference for others that provide a better shopping experience.

    At WeaponSeeker we provide 2 different newsletters.

    Our Industry Insights newsletter is specifically for our members. It provides industry summary data with action steps to help merchants and manufacturers understand the market and take actions in marketing, purchasing and inventory management to help them grow and succeed.

    Our Enthusiast newsletter is for the general public and most specifically for enthusiasts to help them understand the current political and legal climate, general industry trends, provide product data, showcase ongoing specials directly from market retailers and manufacturers that are a part of our service network and to support grass roots efforts at protecting civil liberties.

    If you are a part of the industry sign up now and join our network to start to be able to take advantage of all the benefits and services we provide.

    Contact us today for a free consultation.

    If you are an enthusiast then join our community and start getting exclusive access to all the greatest information and deals before the general community.

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