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    If you are looking for an effective median to advertise your firearms, knife or outdoors business that provides high quality targeted leads then WeaponSeeker is the right place. At WeaponSeeker we serve these industries exclusively so our readers know they can come to us for relevant information. No junk ads, no fake news stories, no off topic advertising. We keep it simple and on point.

    Located around this page you will see the various ad formats we serve. All ads are fully responsive, which means no matter the ad type you choose the end user will have a positive experience with it on any viewing platform they choose.

    Ads are also set up to be specific to section. This means when an ad is for a revolver it will be included in the revolver section of the website so as to ensure that it gets the greatest response.

    In addition to section specific advertising, we also offer an array of other advertising options. For example, we can serve ads that are geographic specific so our advertisers can list ads to their closest prospects as well as keyword specific so that advertisers who specialize (for example tactical) can have their ads served to readers who are looking for those specialized items.

    Also available are spaces for micro-sites. These are full page spaces dedicated to the advertiser. Many smaller manufacturers find these to be helpful in lieu of a traditional website due to their cost effective and highly targeted status whereas well-established manufacturers find them to be helpful as a way of expanding their brand recognition, highlighting specials and reducing the administrative burdens associated with typical website development and maintenance. All microsites have the ability to include specific featured items as well as the ability for manufacturers to highlight and manage relationships with retailers who carry their products for purchase referrals.

    At WeaponSeeker our goal is to be able to provide retailers and manufacturers affordable advertising and focused marketing opportunities.

    Contact us today for a free consultation.

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