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When I ask a custom knife maker what inspired them I get many different responses. One common theme that I hear however with most is their own personal need for a rugged knife and an affordable price. As the saying goes “necessity is the mother of invention” and through such necessity, many knifemakers seem to take their first steps into the realm of custom knife making.


It seems the seed for knife making is planted early on for many as most express a love of the outdoors and experience with an appreciation for knives from the earliest stages of their lives. Many express a family influence such as a grandfather or father and all seem to have a knack for and enjoyment in working with their hands.




While such similar life experiences seem to be shared for most knife makers it is often also where they as individuals take these experiences and progress forward in their own custom knifemaking that sets each apart and makes each one unique and special.


Such is the case with Jesse of Jarosz Knives. Jesse’s first experience with knifemaking started in December 2009 while snowed in for a week during a blizzard. As is often the case in such situations it is important for us to busy ourselves, with some kind of activity, in order to avoid going stir crazy. Little did Jesse know he just started something that would grow to a full-time gig in a very short period. After making his first knife Jesse soon found, as so many knife makers do, that he simply could not leave his shop.


Jarosz Knives fixed blade globetrotter


In the beginning, Jesse knew nothing about the knife making process. As the passion grew though so did the desire to continue to improve in his new craft and skillsets. Then began the research. Through hours of research using online resources and available books, Jesse Jarosz was quickly gaining invaluable knowledge of various steels, handle material and proper heat treatment.


By 2011 Jesse Jarosz was at his first USN show, where he explains it as one of his most memorable experiences.  In 2012 at USN he won the coveted “Best New Maker” award. What a motivational experience and a seminal moment in Jesse’s life. By October 1st of that same year, he decided it was time to enter into the “Full-Time Knifemaking world” with Jarosz Knives ( http://jaroszknives.com ).


Jarosz Knives Gentleman's Folder


As with so many knifemakers modesty seems to be an overarching trait. Jesse is quick to downplay his skills but what he lacks in candor he makes up for in beautiful functional pieces. At the core of the Jarosz Knife brand is functionality and simplicity. While beautiful collectible knives are certainly within Jesse’s skillset and work portfolio he really enjoys keeping things centered around the basic building blocks of what a knife is at its core.


“If there is one thing that is representative of mankind, I think it is the knife. Edged tools are the greatest and probably the oldest tools in our history. They've enabled us to farm, hunt, build, cook and do millions of other things that have advanced civilization. There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling you get when you use a good knife, and surely our ancestors felt the same thing. To me, it's a deep connection to our roots. When someone uses a Jarosz Knife, I hope they get that feeling.”


Jarosz Knives custom folders


If you are looking for a for a great knife to either add to your pocket, your outdoor bag or to hoard away in your collection you owe it to yourself to check out what Jesse Jarosz of Jarosz Knives has to offer. ( http://jaroszknives.com )

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