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Today’s blog is going to be about one of the most eclectic custom knife makers I have come across in the industry. David Steier a retired toolmaker for GE. After retirement, David decided to put his the skills he had acquired in his past career to use, blend them with his passion and put forth unique knife creations unmatched by any other maker.   Upon first contact with David through his website ( http://SteierKnives.com ) I was able to get a foretaste of what I might expect upon my visit to his show booth. While the knives on his website were beautiful and unique, I was not prepared for the experience of what they would actually be like once I met up with David at the show.   After arriving at the show and making my way to David’s booth the selection and diversity of style were absolutely mind-blowing. David had taken the time to bring a wide variety of his custom knife creations. All the knives presented were made of the highest quality material possible per their price point.   While it was apparent David took the care to use the best material the question that needed to be answered in my mind at this point was: “Does the craftsmanship match the quality?” Upon handling several of his models, I was very impressed. If you are somewhat of a knife collector, you have more than likely had the experience of seeing that one piece that you just had to have but once you had it in your hand realized quality, material and craftsmanship do not always align. In this industry, there are artists and craftsman, but the real treasures are found when one can find a piece that is truly a piece of functional art where the maker possess the highest skillset in bringing both quality and craftsmanship together in a single creation. David Steier’s knives certainly fit the bill.   Some of the materials David likes to work with for his more art centered knives are Damascus steel for his blades, patterned Damascus and mokume for bolsters and then a wide variety of handle material including fossilized brain corral, mammoth tooth, fossilized ivory, and mother of pearl. For David’s more tactical folders with a flare more standard blade materials are used along with zinc, ti-mascus, g10 and carbon fiber.   After reviewing David’s knives, I decided to hold off on my purchase as I wanted to give the showroom a fair run to see what others were also offered Making the decision to buy an art knife is not easy and I just had to be sure the decision I was going to be making was right for me.   Throughout the show I found myself returning over and over to his table as I had my eye on a piece I just could not get off my mind. Well, to my disappointment it did not take long for the knife of my dreams to find a new loving home with someone else. While disappointed in myself and my decision to wait this also stirred the fire inside and after browsing his other selections I found the 2nd love of my life and this one could be mine.   So now the 2nd love has become my 1st love and now adorns my pocket on a daily basis. Most people think I am a little crazy to carry around an art knife as my every day carry (EDC). While it is true, I do not go hardcore cutting into random things with my little pretty the joy I get from whipping it out and showing others what a fine piece it is gives me great pleasure. To hold it in my hand and to feel the butter smooth action and prominent click of its liner lock is a feeling that cannot be expressed very well to a non-knife person but is one all too well known by the true knife connoisseur. Each day before leaving the house I drop my little pretty in my pocket with a smile and have fleeting thoughts of who can I show this to today. Each person I show I know I will surely bring about the same kind of awe and joy I first experienced upon meeting David and having the opportunity to review his fine work and adding one of his beautiful pieces to my own collection.   So let’s talk a little about the knife I chose.     The handle as you can see I truly a mind-bending experience in itself. The material is fossilized brain corral ranging in shades of browns, oranges, and yellows.    As you work your way up to the bolsters, you can’t help but notice the beautiful swirled pattern of mokume. Mokume is a unique Damascus material typically made of copper, silver, nickel and other precious metals. Mokume-gane, the official Japanese name, is a procedure a layering different metals where the final product has a more orange or copper-colored final finish and looks very similar to wood. In fact, the word Mokume Gane itself translates from Japanese closely to “wood grain metal” or “wood eye metal”. When you see mokume, it is easy to see why and how the material got its name.   Completing the face of the design is a nice little mother of pearl flipper button that compliments and pulls together the handle scale and bolsters.   As we move around the knife, the liner jeweling next catches one’s eye as it blends in with contrast against the dark Damascus back spacer. Next, as we open the knife up itself, one notices the ultra-smooth action that reveals the dark teardrop patterned Damascus blade ground to a dagger style finish.     To learn more about David Steier and how you can add a knife to your collection that will bring you ongoing pleasure in use and pride in showmanship check David Steier out at: http://SteierKnives.com  

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Recently I had the privilege of attending the MK Shows Civil War show, in Franklin TN. While located at the spacious Williamson County Ag Expo Park I was surprised to see the building was jam-packed full of vendors. While most vendors were focused on the historical time period of the Civil War several other vendors were also present bringing in everything from as early as the crusades to as late as Vietnam.   This was a great educational opportunity for me. While having more modern day weapons experience I admittedly had lacked the historical knowledge in weaponry that has brought us to this point in modern history. Early on in my childhood, I was fortunate enough to have the experience of living at the top of a hill that just across the street was a field that once occupied a Civil War fort. I was always fascinated by a guy who came around regularly with a metal detector searching for treasure, which leads me to one of my first personal purchases as a child of a metal detector myself. I was regaled by the stories I had heard of treasures found literally within yards of my front doorstep and regularly tell people of the neighbor who once dug up a case full of cannon balls.   As time passed and I grew older I lost interest in history due to the way it was presented by teachers. History became that boring subject, with the boring teacher dribbling on about endless dates and names with zero enthusiasm. Adopting their lack of enthusiasm was easy. Unfortunately, this is the tragedy of public schools.   Later in high school, I was fortunate enough to have a couple of history teachers that broke the boring mold and would not simply recite endless names and dates but actually talked about military tactics and enacted scenes and prominent figures of the times. This made learning much more fun and more easily remembered. While I never did learn to appreciate history so much I did learn to appreciate tactical strategies such as the phalanx, the tactics of Vlad the Impaler, gorilla warfare, and Blitzkrieg.   Until the MK Show, I thought of military weapons from bygone eras as either rusty junk, reproductions or untouchable museum pieces. On the way to the show, I had no idea of really what to expect. WOW was I amazed to see so many authentic items that still looked virtually new. I was amazed to learn that as everyday citizens we too can own pieces that I once only thought available for viewing at museums.   Some of the great vendors I encountered were Tim Prince of College Hill Arsenal ( https://collegeHillArsenal.com ) who shared a wide range of items. A few things that captured my eye were his trench clubs. Tim’s knowledge of militaria history and weaponry is truly unsurpassed. Tim is highly respected author in the field of militaria and is one of the official appraisers for PBS’ Antiques Roadshow. As a historical resource Tim Prince truly tops the list. Another vendor that caught my eye was Advance Guard Militaria. ( https://www.advanceguardmilitaria.com )Their primary focus was on what is known as trench art. Trench art is basically any decorative item that is made by soldiers or prisoners during wartime. Most items were made from scraps scavenged from the battlefield. Another great vendor was Lost N Found Relics ( https://LostNFoundRelics.com ). The owner Robert Bushnell not only offered a gold mine of eclectic knowledge but a treasure trove of unique artifacts ranging from BC to the early 1900s including swords from the crusades, shaming masks and Native American Medicine Man sticks (one made with real human hair and partial scalping of bone). Another great experience at the show was their cannon firing exhibition. Every couple of hours they would pull a group of Civil War actors together to do a cannon firing presentation to give spectators an idea of what it would have sounded like on the battlefield. I can honestly say it is a truly jarring experience (in a good way) especially the first time around. While a couple of cannon volleys can never really get people to understand the chaos of noise that goes along with war it can at least give them an appreciation through an experience of what soldiers dealt with to help them better understand the sacrifices so many have made and continue to make.   Whether you are an avid collector of militaria, considering becoming a new collector and looking for a fine piece to start your collection or you simply have a child or grandchild you want to help gain an appreciation for and interest in history than going to a Mike Kent Civil War show is a truly amazing experience.   To see a show schedule listing you can check them out here: http://MKShows.com   To see more than 140 pics of the event check them out here: https://weaponseeker.com/advancedphoto/album/9/events/    

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Are you a gun dealer looking for an alternative to Shopify? Maybe you are a knife store and you see the writing on the wall and would like a viable alternative to your current Shopify e-commerce platform?   As many retailers in the weapons-related industry have found out Shopify has followed the lead of Facebook, Youtube and other tech giants in their left-leaning censorship and suppression efforts. Recently Shopify announced it is now removing gun related products from their platform and has given a time frame of only a few months for owners to remove their stores from the platform before being shut down completely.   Shopify’s CEO Tobi Lutke has stated “Solely deferring to the law, in this age of political gridlock is too idealistic and functionally unworkable”, “we had to accept that neutrality is not a possibility.”   Additionally, Lutke has inferred other weapons-related products and services such as knives, accessories and even direct services are currently also under consideration. “we may further refine our policies as needed."   A look at their new terms is quite enlightening and helps give understanding to the direction Shopify and other tech-related companies are now moving.   Regulated products and services ( source: https://www.shopify.ca/legal/terms-payments-us ): Marijuana dispensaries and related businesses; alcohol or alcoholic beverages; sale of tobacco, e-cigarettes, or accessories including e-juice or e-liquid; online pharmacies or pharmacy referral services; age-restricted goods or services; weapons and munitions; gunpowder and other explosives; fireworks and related goods; toxic, flammable, and radioactive materials; products and services with varying legal status on a state-by-state basis.   Given that Shopify has decided to abandon good business principles and instead is now focusing on a liberal political agenda this should give all gun and knife related businesses on their platform reason for concern.   Because you are here reading this article this shows you have had the foresight to at least begin searching for a viable alternative that will support your business efforts.   While there are options at WeaponSeeker we think it is important not just to weigh the benefits of various platforms but also their associated risks. At WeaponSeeker we feel the wisest choice given the current political environment and the mass exodus of current tech providers from serving the industry is to fully own the platform you eventually choose. Without ownership you may very well be stuck in the same trap Shopify has put so many gun and knife store owners recently.   At WeaponSeeker we believe in one’s right to protect their life, their loved ones, and their business. We are a pro 2nd Amendment organization focused on all things weapons, survival and outdoors.   If you either currently need an e-commerce solution and agree it is a good time to begin the switch to a company that not only will but is eager to support your brand feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help. Whether it be through simple consultation on your options all the way up to developing a robust full-scale e-commerce solution that you, in fact, will own, we can help.   The clock is ticking so don’t be caught off guard. The life of your business may very well depend on you taking action sooner rather than later.   Need help with advertising? Yep, we can help there too. At WeaponSeeker we provide a robust full-service social platform where you can additionally provide laser-focused advertising for your brand, products, and services. We additionally provide an option of including your inventory feed in our shopper service to allow the community to better shop your product line giving you even greater exposure.

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Shopify joins other tech and retail giants and wades into the realm of politics, political correctness and social justice while trying to maintain the false appearance that it has nothing to do with politics or censorship and that they are not political. Again the loud left whines loud enough to coerce action to be taken against free speech, capitalism and the 2nd Amendment, and Shopify bows to their pressure by amending their terms and conditions in ways they understand will cause great hardship and will in fact be the death nail to many small mom and pop retailers who take part in the legal sale of firearms and firearm related merchandise. That is right, once again guns are targeted. Guns, not criminals, are blamed for criminal activity and guns, gun owners and businesses are shut down seemingly without a voice or say in the matter.   Are guns really the only things being targeted though? Here we will discuss the policies of Shopify and let you decide if you think they will stop with your gun or if the gun is just the foot in the door and the excuse to start the process of taking action against other legitimate individual and business interests.   When asked by the Associated Press, Tobi Lutke, Shopify’s CEO states: “Solely deferring to the law, in this age of political gridlock is too idealistic and functionally unworkable”, “we had to accept that neutrality is not a possibility.” So what does this mean? This means if you sell ANY weapon related items, services or accessories such as stun guns, knives, self-defense classes, or even simple paper targets you are in fact in the crosshairs of the left and their tech cronies.   While knives have not yet been mentioned we take these further statements by Shopify to mean that in fact they also are under serious consideration. “We have recently amended our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) to restrict the sale of certain firearms and parts on our platform," and “we may further refine our policies as needed."   So while many knife retailers and brands are breathing a sigh of relief thinking the new rules surrounding guns does not affect them, at WeaponSeeker we would caution such thinking as being naive. To validate this point let’s look at what Shopify’s AUP actually states. If you are a knife related company (or any weapon related business) then we highly encourage you to evaluate your position based on the facts and prepare yourself for what we see as an inevitability.   Regulated products and services ( source: https://www.shopify.ca/legal/terms-payments-us ) Marijuana dispensaries and related businesses; alcohol or alcoholic beverages; sale of tobacco, e-cigarettes, or accessories including e-juice or e-liquid; online pharmacies or pharmacy referral services; age restricted goods or services; weapons and munitions; gunpowder and other explosives; fireworks and related goods; toxic, flammable, and radioactive materials; products and services with varying legal status on a state-by-state basis.   The naïve knife guy/gal will say “but (my) knives are not weapons they are tools”. REALLY? Can’t the same thing be said about a gun? Just for jollies though I will play the game. Okay, does your “tool” face different legal status in different states? Think not? Then this goes beyond naïve and you seriously need to research your business further. So you have no excuses, here is a great resource to help understand the peril you and your business in fact face: https://kniferights.org/about/accomplishments/   Still in denial? Let’s take this one step further. Stripe is the official payment processor for Shopify. Since a business is not much of a business without the ability to accept payments, let’s look at their “Prohibited Businesses” ( https://stripe.com/us/prohibited-businesses )   Regulated or illegal products or services Marijuana dispensaries and related businesses; sale of tobacco, e-cigarettes, and e-liquid; online pharmacies; age restricted goods or services; weapons and munitions; gunpowder and other explosives; fireworks and related goods; toxic, flammable, and radioactive materials; products and services with varying legal status on a state-by-state basis; goods or services, the sale of which is illegal under applicable law in the jurisdictions to which your business is targeted or directed.   Notice the similarity? Now let’s dig a little deeper into actual knife dealers’ experiences. True Talon writes on Shopify’s discussion forum about Stripe “My website was disqualified by Stripe because we sell knives.” Another post on their forum by Charles Morris “Funny. Knives aren't weapons. They are tools! Nonetheless, how nice is it for shopify to not allow us to use their credit card gateway b/c we sell "weapons", then charge US an additional 1%, because we aren't using their gateway.”   So Shopify (currently) overlooks the weapons classification for knives but says you cannot use our payment processor because they are “weapons”. Is that typical lib-speak or what? To us this sounds like a double headed coin. So the question then becomes do you really think it wise to gamble your business?   However, for the convenience of oversight (Shopify) currently is still going to charge a gateway fee. REALLY!   And for the knife businesses (and other weapon related businesses and services) out there that think they are safe and still are not able to connect the obvious dots the questions becomes, when do you think the convenience of collecting the extra unearned 1% will be not worth the inconvenience of dealing with the crybaby snowflake crowd when their sights turn to knives/etc.? How many more terrorist stabbings will need to take place? Remember, in their minds it is NOT the criminal but the “tool” that is at fault instead.   Ironically, Shopify also stated that their gun policy change affected "a small number of merchants," but would not give a specific number. Reading between the lines and understanding the impact this has on so many means that what they are really saying is in the grand scheme of things this will not have much effect on their business and that they have little concern that they are literally destroying the lives of so many others who have worked so hard to grow and develop their own small businesses.   At WeaponSeeker we find it incredibly ironic that out of one side of their mouth the leftists spew ideas of hate against what they consider corporate abuse, but when it instead suits their own agenda of subjugation and intolerance they laud the praises of the same corporate entities they claim to hate. I guess in their minds it only makes sense for them to Twitter gather using their iphones on Wallstreet mocking the very capitalist system that gave them Twitter and iPhone in the first place. What is even more ironic is that more companies continue to bow to the pressure thinking this somehow takes them out of the crosshair of lunacy.   If you are reading this you are guilty. You know you have probably said it hundreds of times on the fascist Facebook platform that someone needs to come up with an alternative. At WeaponSeeker we have done just that and more.   WeaponSeeker is a complete ecosystem ranging from full scale social network services to ecommerce. The purpose of WeaponSeeker is to serve the entire weapons, survival and outdoors community. If you are a business it’s time to consider a switch to an online social and e-commerce platform that not only will never abandon you, but actually supports your interests. It you are an individual it’s time to consider a switch to an organization that supports your God given rights to self-preservation and the protection of the ones you love.   At WeaponSeeker we like to say we are like Facebook minus the trash. Not only is this a funny statement but one that is also very true. On WeaponSeeker you will not be bogged down with fake news and misleading ads nor will your voice be drowned out by liberal tears. Setting up an account is free and for businesses additional free upgrades provide even more access to great services, including advertising, that can help you run your weapons, survival or outdoor related business without fear of political censorship.   The time to join WeaponSeeker is now. Through unity it’s time to make our voices heard. Together we too have a voice we can use. The time is now to fight fire with fire and stop letting the insane have their way and continually change the rules to suit their needs.   Martin Niemoller: Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.                    

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When I ask a custom knife maker what inspired them I get many different responses. One common theme that I hear however with most is their own personal need for a rugged knife and an affordable price. As the saying goes “necessity is the mother of invention” and through such necessity, many knifemakers seem to take their first steps into the realm of custom knife making.   It seems the seed for knife making is planted early on for many as most express a love of the outdoors and experience with an appreciation for knives from the earliest stages of their lives. Many express a family influence such as a grandfather or father and all seem to have a knack for and enjoyment in working with their hands.     While such similar life experiences seem to be shared for most knife makers it is often also where they as individuals take these experiences and progress forward in their own custom knifemaking that sets each apart and makes each one unique and special.   Such is the case with Jesse of Jarosz Knives. Jesse’s first experience with knifemaking started in December 2009 while snowed in for a week during a blizzard. As is often the case in such situations it is important for us to busy ourselves, with some kind of activity, in order to avoid going stir crazy. Little did Jesse know he just started something that would grow to a full-time gig in a very short period. After making his first knife Jesse soon found, as so many knife makers do, that he simply could not leave his shop.     In the beginning, Jesse knew nothing about the knife making process. As the passion grew though so did the desire to continue to improve in his new craft and skillsets. Then began the research. Through hours of research using online resources and available books, Jesse Jarosz was quickly gaining invaluable knowledge of various steels, handle material and proper heat treatment.   By 2011 Jesse Jarosz was at his first USN show, where he explains it as one of his most memorable experiences.  In 2012 at USN he won the coveted “Best New Maker” award. What a motivational experience and a seminal moment in Jesse’s life. By October 1st of that same year, he decided it was time to enter into the “Full-Time Knifemaking world” with Jarosz Knives ( http://jaroszknives.com ).     As with so many knifemakers modesty seems to be an overarching trait. Jesse is quick to downplay his skills but what he lacks in candor he makes up for in beautiful functional pieces. At the core of the Jarosz Knife brand is functionality and simplicity. While beautiful collectible knives are certainly within Jesse’s skillset and work portfolio he really enjoys keeping things centered around the basic building blocks of what a knife is at its core.   “If there is one thing that is representative of mankind, I think it is the knife. Edged tools are the greatest and probably the oldest tools in our history. They've enabled us to farm, hunt, build, cook and do millions of other things that have advanced civilization. There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling you get when you use a good knife, and surely our ancestors felt the same thing. To me, it's a deep connection to our roots. When someone uses a Jarosz Knife, I hope they get that feeling.”     If you are looking for a for a great knife to either add to your pocket, your outdoor bag or to hoard away in your collection you owe it to yourself to check out what Jesse Jarosz of Jarosz Knives has to offer. ( http://jaroszknives.com )

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Proud, patriotic, American and no apologies. If you had to put it in a (not so small) package this would sum up both the owners Curtis and Mark and their brand Spartan Blades. https://spartanbladesusa.com   In its infancy, Special Forces Trooper Curtis Iovito would make knives for himself and teammates in an effort to provide high-quality battle-ready knives with meaning and purpose. As with many custom knife makers, this part-time hobby soon grew into more. Soon fellow Sniper Mark Carey joined in and Spartan Blades was born. Quality is a word so easily bantered about so often that it has almost lost its true meaning. Because the word is subjective even the worst products can get away with using it. Far beyond the phraseology, Spartan Blades goes beyond this by selecting the best material available to make their knives. This is evidenced in their winning of the International BLADE Show “American Made Knife of the Year” award two years running in both 2016 and 2017, as voted on by the top players in the knife industry.   The goal of Spartan Blades is to not only put a tool in the hand of a new owner but to provide an heirloom that will be used and passed down with pride through subsequent generations.   Other notable awards garnered by Spartan Blades include International BLADE Show 2010 “Knife Collaboration of the Year”, 2014 International BLADE Show “Most Innovative American Design” and 2014 International BLADE Show Knife “Collaboration of the Year”.   Spartan Blades is guided by the 5 Special Operation Forces Truths: •    Humans are more important than Hardware. •    Quality is better than Quantity. •    Special Operations Forces cannot be mass produced. •    Competent Special Operations Forces cannot be created after emergencies occur. •    Most Special Operations require non-SOF assistance.   In a time where it seems everything is being outsourced Spartan Blades has been committed to growing their business and creating jobs in the USA. To support continued growth and the American made spirit, where needed Spartan Blades chooses to In-Source to other Veterans and American Owned companies.   If considering adding a new piece to your collection or an only piece to your survival pack, consider adding a Spartan Blades knife. All too often we measure something in terms of its immediate costs and define something that way as cheap or not. Consider instead, what your purpose is. Sure, if you are just opening a letter then cheap will certainly do. But when your life may depend on it, what then becomes the measure of cheap and is cheap really want on your side?  

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Dew Hara Knives   While attending the USN gathering in Las Vegas Nevada I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Dew Hara one of the most exciting up and coming custom knife makers in the knife collector’s world.   For those unfamiliar with Dew, you may recognize his father Koji Hara, one of Japan’s premier knife makers of primarily art knives. One would expect Dew to follow in his father’s steps and also develop art knives but he has instead chosen to step out on his own with his own unique style. While Koji has certainly provided Dew with the essentials in how to make a high-quality knife when one sees Dew’s work it is without question his pieces come from his own vision.     While it would certainly have been easy enough to ride the coattails of his father Koji, it was not enough for Dew. Dew knew he needed to take the next step to make his own name in the knife world. Soon Dew struck up a relationship with another icon of our time Tony Marfione the founder of Microtech ( https://www.microtechknives.com ). Under Tony Marfione’s watchful eye he gained greater knowledge in the area of tactical knife making.   One of the great things about working under Tony Marfione is that Tony was also mentored by the great Chris Reeve ( https://chrisreeve.com/ ). Under the influence of these three great knife makers, Dew honed his skills and is without a doubt set to be one of the top makers of this rising generation of newer makers.   So, what inspires Dew Hara and thus helped create his vision? In short, it’s the future. Dew loves futuristic movies, cars, and buildings. One of his favorite architect’s is the recently passed Zaha Hadid ( http://www.zaha-hadid.com/ ). Anyone with an eye for architecture cannot help but to be awed by her fantastic works. So how would one describe the unique look of Dew Hara’s work? For me, it is easy to see the beautiful craftsmanship known through Japanese traditional crafts mixed with a rugged tactical build wrapped in a package of sleek futuristic design.     What are Dew’s aspirations for the future? Simple really, he wants to be famous for “his” work. Dew takes great pride in every element of his knives and wants people to evaluate them with the same critical eye he does. Dew knows he puts his heart into his work and knows when others see, feel and experience his creations themselves that they too will fall in love.   For anyone interested in purchasing either a Dew Hara knife or a Koji Hara knife it is best to catch them at a show where you will have the opportunity to actually meet and talk. For most this, however, is not realistic, so the next best alternative is to visit their site and purchase directly from there: http://www.g-chiyo.com/

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Jacob Huey with his company Tidal Ridge Knives and Leatherwork is one the hottest new companies in the outdoors industry. Jacob’s vision leads Tidal Ridge to develop products unlike anything else on the market.   Jacob initially found interest in blade work when his friend introduced knife making to him as a hobby. With a history and love for artistic design and hands on creativity Jacob finds great joy in bringing the customer a high quality product and unique design.   The vision for the name Tidal Ridge came from Jacob’s love of the outdoors. His goals were to build a high quality product that not only looked great but had functional use and was intended for such as represented by their slogan “Survival Within Reach”.   One of the hallmarks of Tidal Ridge is the distressed finish Jacob leaves/applies to the final finish. This not only represents a product that is intended for actual use but can actually be used and look the same many years later as the day it was first purchased.   As Jacob continues to grow Tidal Ridge he is dedicated to coming out with fresh new innovative and functional designs the outdoor enthusiasts such as himself will find not only great value but also great joy in owning.

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Mert Tansu of is one of the hottest up and comers in the kitchen cutlery business. As a hobby Mert would often fashion knives for his own use. Trained as a professional chef Mert Tansu often encountered knives that had elements that negatively affected their working ability. Not being satisfied with the knives available Mert would contact the maker and provide constructive suggestions only to be snubbed and dismissed as he was not a professional knife maker himself. What these other makers did not seem to understand is that it is not the maker that uses the knife but the chef that buys it that actually uses it. So Mert decided to give the other guys a run for their money and build a “real” chef’s knife.   It was not long before other chefs took notice and started requesting Mert Tansu knives of their own. Word spread quickly about the Tansu Knife quality and soon Mert was making chef knives full time.   As a woodworker Mert will often create a special wood scabbard matching that of the knife to further embellish the work and craftsmanship exhibited in his pieces.   Always growing, learning and pushing the boundaries we can count on Mert Tansu to continue to develop unique, beautiful and functional pieces to adorn some of the finest kitchens in the world.

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Jamie Simeon is the founder of Simeon Custom Knives out of Tennessee. Jamie likes to focus on the tactical side of things as is represented by his exquisite folders and fixed blade knives.   Jamie is a true craftsman and likes the hands on work he puts into each knife that carries his mark. One of the especially distinct elements of many Simeon Custom Knives is the unique compound grinds that Jamie puts on them.   One of the concerns Jamie has in the knife market is how often knife makers will promote themselves as truly custom when much of their work is farmed out or almost completely done by machine.   As with many truly custom knife makers Jamie also finds unique designs can be challenging to come up with.   As Jamie continues to grow his line he hopes to continue to be able to bring fresh, innovative design to his work and the custom knife community.
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