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SEO and Content Services

    At WeaponSeeker we offer Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) services catered specifically to those in the weapons, survival and outdoor industries.

    What is Search engine optimization ( SEO )? SEO is the science behind how search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. determine how a website’s content will rank on a particular word or phrase. Search Engines use complex formulas known as algorithms to make such determinations with the goal of providing the person searching the most relevant result based on its perception of what best meets the need of the searcher.

    The best-known Search Engine is Google, developed by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in the late 90’s. What makes one search engine different from another is the algorithm variables they use, and the weight given to each variable in order to determine relevance. There are over 200 known variables that Google uses. While the exact algorithm weighting per variable is kept secret and is constantly adjusted in order to maintain or grow their own relevance many of the variables themselves are well known and discussed by the Google administrators.

    Some of the strongest variables are mobile friendliness, page download speed, locality, quality content, the quantity of content, related link relationships, related pictures, related videos, on page time and keyword density.

    A quick search on the internet will reveal tons of resources that claim they are experienced in SEO services. To be frank the vast majority of those making such claims have little experience in the field at all and are simply rehashing information from others who claim to have experience (but also have little to none).

    What makes WeaponSeeker different? First, we have learned directly from Sergey Brin and Larry Page themselves. Next, we do not charge for the basic service for the merchants and manufacturers we represent.

    At WeaponSeeker our goal is not to do the SEO for you but to give you the basic tools and knowledge you need to properly develop and maintain a strategy that supports the highest quality and best ranking content possible. In the process, we provide access to high-level content such as pictures, videos, 360-degree product rotations, high quality written content and an e-commerce platform that is the most advanced on the planet.

    Additionally, we provide ongoing development newsletters announcing new trends, content creation and development strategies to help you get the best results in your marketing efforts.

    Given the tens of thousands of items in the industry, it may be that we do not have your specific inventory items listed, pictured or other supporting media content developed yet. If this is the case we do offer a service to help develop and optimize them for you. For items such as these we charge a minimal administrative fee should you wish for us to optimize these assets on your behalf.

    At WeaponSeeker our goal is to provide the highest administrative support possible to help you in your retail efforts.

    Contact us today for a free consultation.

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