I personally think that someone who shows some forethought in packaging probably also would tend to have forethought in knife design and the mateirals they use. It's about pride in one's work and how that is reflected all the way through the process. Even nice packaging can be cheap/cost effective so one that is packed like junk makes me wonder about the underlying material used in the knifemaking process. Presentation is important and especially when one is giving something as a gift or intends on keeping it for collection purposes. I seriously doubt many people think WOW nice pacakging I bet this knife sucks whereas when someone gets a junker package they can't help but wonder about the contents inside. Over the years I have seen tons of great busineeses fail because their branding was an afterthought. Granted for the user knives, once in use, the pacakage is of little importance, but whether someone wants to admit it or not first impressions do make a difference.

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