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Having gone to numerous shows it is always interesting to observe and hear from vendors how successful shows are for them. Some seem to have wildly successful show experiences while others seem to have relatively no success. In gauging responses and comparing results of different vendors we have developed the following guide to help vendors find greater success from their show experience.


1.    Be excited about your product. Enthusiasm sells. While at shows as I walk the isles, I always run across the table that the attendant is doing everything but attending to the prospective buyers. Why? This ranges from being solely focused on their smartphones to reading books to napping. Prospects know when someone is excited about their products and they are eager to engage with those who are. When someone sees an attendant that is not excited, they immediately feel that there is nothing to be excited about and quickly pass by. No matter how great the product is if the attendant is not excited neither will be prospects.


2.    Have a story. Everyone likes a good story. If the product has made it to the show, then there is a story behind it. If you are the owner, it is critical you learn how to tell this story. If you are sending someone to represent your product it is critical that they know the story. When it comes to collectors, I have been personally told that it is often times the story that has more value than the product itself. Stories can be timeless, but a failing brand is quickly forgotten.


3.    Business Cards. I always find it intriguing when I go to a show and the vendor does not have a business card readily available. Just as bad as not having a business card readily available is making someone go through an interrogation in order to get one that is kept under a table. Why would you spend hundreds of dollars on a show, hundreds of dollars on transportation and lodging, etc. to deny people the easy opportunity of contacting you to do business? If having them contact you for business is really so inconvenient then why is so much money being spent to put yourself/product in front of the person in the first place? Simply hoping a prospect will by some miracle remember you from the hundreds of other dealers at a show who have made it convenient to be remembered is beyond naïve.


4.    Click Fishing. This is a little trick I learned from a seasoned showman during slow times at shows. What click fishing is, is basically engaging the product in such a way that it makes a sound. It is a subliminal sales call. Knife lovers love to hear the sound of an engaged blade, gunners love the sound of a racked firearm, hunters love the sound of a great call. Why not use this to your advantage? Doing so engages show-goers in a way that gets their attention and draws them to you. Engage your customers by engaging the sounds that capture their subconscious and they will flock to your table like fish in a feeding pond.


5.    Have a decent (better yet, a GREAT) website to promote your brand. Decent/GREAT does not have to be big, fancy or complicated. Every brand and the goals of the owner(s) requires a unique and different approach. What the Yellowpages used to be, websites are today to the global community. A website is by far the most cost-effective way a company can effectively advertise its products and grow awareness to their brand. In fact, website development often will cost less than the expenses incurred at a single show. Yet a website can literally be a show to the entire world 24/7/365. Many entrepreneurs are intimidated by technology and website development to the point they neglect it all together. In fact, some are so intimidated they do not even take the first step to inquire about the development of a website as they feel it is way out of their league. While we cannot help you with the 4 steps above, we can with this one.At WeaponSeeker help is literally one click away. Every great brand at some point MUST have a website. It is time for you to decide whether your brand is a truly great one or not. Are you selling yourself short with a bad, outdated or no website presence at all? Contact us and we will be happy to provide a free consult on how you can be up and going in no time pain-free and cost-effectively.


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