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Proud, patriotic, American and no apologies. If you had to put it in a (not so small) package this would sum up both the owners Curtis and Mark and their brand Spartan Blades.


In its infancy, Special Forces Trooper Curtis Iovito would make knives for himself and teammates in an effort to provide high-quality battle-ready knives with meaning and purpose. As with many custom knife makers, this part-time hobby soon grew into more. Soon fellow Sniper Mark Carey joined in and Spartan Blades was born.


Quality is a word so easily bantered about so often that it has almost lost its true meaning. Because the word is subjective even the worst products can get away with using it. Far beyond the phraseology, Spartan Blades goes beyond this by selecting the best material available to make their knives. This is evidenced in their winning of the International BLADE Show “American Made Knife of the Year” award two years running in both 2016 and 2017, as voted on by the top players in the knife industry.


The goal of Spartan Blades is to not only put a tool in the hand of a new owner but to provide an heirloom that will be used and passed down with pride through subsequent generations.


Other notable awards garnered by Spartan Blades include International BLADE Show 2010 “Knife Collaboration of the Year”, 2014 International BLADE Show “Most Innovative American Design” and 2014 International BLADE Show Knife “Collaboration of the Year”.



Spartan Blades is guided by the 5 Special Operation Forces Truths:

•    Humans are more important than Hardware.

•    Quality is better than Quantity.

•    Special Operations Forces cannot be mass produced.

•    Competent Special Operations Forces cannot be created after emergencies occur.

•    Most Special Operations require non-SOF assistance.


In a time where it seems everything is being outsourced Spartan Blades has been committed to growing their business and creating jobs in the USA. To support continued growth and the American made spirit, where needed Spartan Blades chooses to In-Source to other Veterans and American Owned companies.


If considering adding a new piece to your collection or an only piece to your survival pack, consider adding a Spartan Blades knife. All too often we measure something in terms of its immediate costs and define something that way as cheap or not. Consider instead, what your purpose is. Sure, if you are just opening a letter then cheap will certainly do. But when your life may depend on it, what then becomes the measure of cheap and is cheap really want on your side?


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