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Dew Hara Knives


While attending the USN gathering in Las Vegas Nevada I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Dew Hara one of the most exciting up and coming custom knife makers in the knife collector’s world.


For those unfamiliar with Dew, you may recognize his father Koji Hara, one of Japan’s premier knife makers of primarily art knives. One would expect Dew to follow in his father’s steps and also develop art knives but he has instead chosen to step out on his own with his own unique style. While Koji has certainly provided Dew with the essentials in how to make a high-quality knife when one sees Dew’s work it is without question his pieces come from his own vision.


Dew Hara Ichi Knife


While it would certainly have been easy enough to ride the coattails of his father Koji, it was not enough for Dew. Dew knew he needed to take the next step to make his own name in the knife world. Soon Dew struck up a relationship with another icon of our time Tony Marfione the founder of Microtech ( ). Under Tony Marfione’s watchful eye he gained greater knowledge in the area of tactical knife making.


One of the great things about working under Tony Marfione is that Tony was also mentored by the great Chris Reeve ( ). Under the influence of these three great knife makers, Dew honed his skills and is without a doubt set to be one of the top makers of this rising generation of newer makers.


So, what inspires Dew Hara and thus helped create his vision? In short, it’s the future. Dew loves futuristic movies, cars, and buildings. One of his favorite architect’s is the recently passed Zaha Hadid ( ). Anyone with an eye for architecture cannot help but to be awed by her fantastic works.

Dew Hara Kabuto

So how would one describe the unique look of Dew Hara’s work? For me, it is easy to see the beautiful craftsmanship known through Japanese traditional crafts mixed with a rugged tactical build wrapped in a package of sleek futuristic design.



What are Dew’s aspirations for the future? Simple really, he wants to be famous for “his” work. Dew takes great pride in every element of his knives and wants people to evaluate them with the same critical eye he does. Dew knows he puts his heart into his work and knows when others see, feel and experience his creations themselves that they too will fall in love.


For anyone interested in purchasing either a Dew Hara knife or a Koji Hara knife it is best to catch them at a show where you will have the opportunity to actually meet and talk. For most this, however, is not realistic, so the next best alternative is to visit their site and purchase directly from there:

Dew Hara Knives

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