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Michael started making knives in 1999 and by 2009 he was able to move from part time to full time custom knife making. While things were moving along before 2009 as with many during the recent years of recession Javier also was let go from work. Not missing a beat Javier quickly recognized the skillset he had, the demand for his product, the need to recapture now lost income and the many blessing God has poured out on him.


After loosing his job 60 Minutes visited his town and did an interview where he talked about his son’s service to the country. As a Gold Star parent who son so valiantly gave his life to protect our freedoms understands the sacrifice so many have made that so many others in today’s world are unable to see, understand or respect.


After the interview Michael the community outpoured their support and within 2 days Michael had over 250 orders. Soon thereafter many other media outlets from around the world were also calling to set up interviews continuing to drive recognition and appreciation for Michael’s fine workmanship.


Michael takes great pride in his work including sheaths for his knives. Under the great master leatherworker, Johnnie Carr, Michael learned to craft the highest quality product and includes a beautiful well-crafted sheath for each knife purchased.


While Michael’s work is beautiful it is merely an extension of his giving nature. Michael loves to see the new generations of knife enthusiasts grow and is known to even give an occasional knife away to a kid who he sees has that sincere spark of interest in the craft that he can then help kindle.

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