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Michael Andersson of Northern Sweden is an award winning custom knife maker. Living near the Arctic Circle he understands what true cold is and enjoys the heat from the forge during cold winter days. While Michael has always had a deep love for knives it was not until he and his son took a class on knife making given by Roger Bergh did he realize that his love for knives would soon extend into his love for making knives. Michael and Roger would become long friends with Roger often mentoring Michael through the finer points of knife making.


Michael specializes in truly custom pieces with a strong emphasis on the use of Damascus. He enjoys emulating the large American Bowie knife but with a twist of Swedish design and artwork.


Due to the high level of customization involved in his knife making Michael only produces a few “highly treasured” pieces each year.


Some unique elements in Michael Andersson’s work is his forging and use of his unique spiderweb Damascus. Another unique element in Michael’s work is the use of his customized brand mark of a spider with the Swedish cross on its back. Once you have seen one of these knives you will forever know when you have seen a true original.


As a family man Michael often works with his son Andre who is also an award winning craftsman, knife and jewelry maker. When you see Andre’s work you can see how attention to the fine details are obviously a trait Michael help instill in his son’s work philosophy.


While not making knives Micahel is also a skilled watch maker, hunter, Harley Davidson and tattoo enthusiast.

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