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Kirk Mayberry, founder of KM Designs has a spirit for the outdoors. Having grown up participating in various outdoors interests, including Boy Scouts where he achieved Eagle Scout status, Kirk describes how such experiences had an influence on his decision to become a knife maker.


As Kirk matured in life he soon entered into the field of auto mechanics. Liking to work with his hands and having an interest in outdoors, Kirk soon also found he had a growing interest in knifes and decided he would try making one himself. Upon showing it to others he had great positive feedback and an offer to purchase.


One of the things that really inspires Kirk is to be able to talk to people about his knives on a daily basis. He enjoys the feedback he receives and often reflects back on such input when considering his next build.


Due to Kirks remote location and lack of easy access to others that can help educate, train and inspire him this often makes it tough for him to learn new elements and techniques in the building process. Determined not to let this hold him back Kirk often travels to visit with other makers as he continues to learn and grow in the knife making profession. He then brings his new knowledge home, gets to work practicing his new skills and is soon adding new elements and styles in his build process.

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