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Growing up Mark’s father was a knife trader. In watching his dad this began Mark’s appreciation for knives. Later on Mark was motivated by the great Jeremy Horton and decided to give knife making a go.


Mark gains much of his inspiration through Japanese design but then adding his own flavor to make pieces that are truly unique. Mark likes to experiment with various blade designs and is always looking to think outside the box and create pieces that reflect both high quality and functionality.


While Mark does like the challenge of making new styles he mostly focuses on tactical varieties due to their real world usability.


Mark says the first thing to making a knife is to make what you like. That way if no one else wants it you then get to keep what you like.


Back on the home front Mark and his wife own a pawn shop (Miller’s Pawn) in Waverly TN. The name Miller comes in honor of his cousin who originally set the shop up but later passed away. During slow periods at the shop this gives Mark the opportunity to escape to the back room and work on his knife creations. This is a cherished Tim for Mark Kee as he finds it very to mentally escape to the place of Zen, while things are going well. Another advantage the pawn shop offers is his ability to showcase and sell to a local clientele.

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